Accessibility Statement

This document includes a contact to the technical administrator of the website and a declaration of accessibility in order that the conditions of the amendment to Act No. 365/2000 Coll. on the Information Systems of Public Administration are met.

The pages found on the web server of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic have been compiled with regard to the accessibility and barrier-free nature of the website in order to meet all important principles of accessibility according to the Regulation of the Ministry of Interior No. 64/2008 Coll., on the form of publishing information related to public administration on web pages for disabled people (Regulation of Accessibility) and to be in accordance with the Act No. 365/2000 Coll. on the Information Systems of Public Administration.

This server uses HTML 5.0 markup language and CSS styles to present information, which allows for the absolute separation of the appearance of the presentations from the information itself. This fact allows information to be displayed on all existing apparatus. The whole website is defined in relative values and its content can easily be enlarged or reduced in size using the standard tools of an Internet browser.

Some parts of our website have not yet been fully adapted in line with the methods of accessibility. These are mainly applications based on SQW technology. These parts will be adapted over time in the years to come.

Recommended browser expansion

Certain information on this server is provided in PDF format, mainly due to the fact that such information either contains typographic elements and formatting, which HTML does not support, or is too large and more suitable for downloading. In order to display such documents you must have the Adobe Reader browser installed. This can be downloaded free-of-charge from the Adobe website.

In very isolated cases a document is only published in MS Word format (with no option of viewing in HTML format). Such documents are only published on this server in the case that they contain formatting which does not allow their transferral to other formats, in the case of very large files which are not directly related to activity at the Chamber of Deputies, or in the case that the owner of these documents has expressly forbidden any manipulation or conversion. For such cases a browser is available on the Microsoft website which you can download and install on your computer free-of-charge.

If an attached file takes up too much space or if there is a larger number of files, it will take too much time to download them. For this reason certain files have been prepared in ZIP format, their size having been reduced by compression. However, you will need to “unzip” this sort of file before you can open it. There are plenty of freely-available programmes on the Internet that you can use to unzip a ZIP file. In all probability you already have a similar programme installed on your computer or your operating system might even provide this sort of option itself.

Contact to the webmaster

You can send any suggestions, observations, or information about problems experienced in displaying this website to the technical administrator of the server at This address should only be used to deal with technical issues and not issues pertaining to the content of this web presentation.