Chamber of Deputies
Parliament of the Czech Republic


and Members

The Chamber of Deputies has 200 deputies elected for four-year terms. The passive right to vote (the right to be elected) is limited to citizens of the Czech Republic who have reached the age of 21. For elections to the Chamber of Deputies, the Constitution stipulates the electoral system of proportional representation. Visit Arrow

Office of the Chamber

The exercise of the mandate of a deputy is inconceivable without the professional administrative and technical support provided for the deputies by the Office of the Chamber of Deputies. The exclusion of parliamentary staff from the civil service system is based on the principle of protecting the parliament from interference by the executive. Visit Arrow


The Visitor Centre provides the public with information on current events in the Chamber of Deputies as well as on the functions and bodies of the lower house of the Parliament. We pay special attention to schools and other educational institutions. We particularly focus on topics relating to parliamentarism, legislative process, parliamentary control of government and parliamentary history. Visit Arrow

EU & International

Parliamentary oversight of European affairs has a different form in each member state, reflecting the local customs and the constitutional traditions of that state. The Czech Republic has selected the model of a moderate oversight role of the Parliament with respect to the government, grounded in the information obligations of the government towards the parliament. Visit Arrow


Welcome to the website of the Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of the Parliament of the Czech Republic.

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Parliamentary Library

Serves Members of Parliament and Senators, bodies of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate, employees of the Office of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate and selected institutions and users. Online Catalogue

Parliamentary Institute

Performs scientific, research, and training tasks for both Chambers of Parliament, for Parliamentary Committees and other sub-bodies, Deputies, Senators as well as for the Chancelleries of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate.

Digital Repository

Digital version of major parliamentary documents (stenographic records, bills, data on MPs, parliamentarians, resolutions etc.) from today going back to 1848 and back to the 11th century.

The Archives

Receives and administers records related to the activity of the Chamber of Deputies and the Office of the Chamber of Deputies. Furthermore, it deals with care of the physical condition of the archival records and documents handed down from the predecessors of the Chamber of Deputies and its offices.