Czech EU presidency 2022 – COSAC conference

On Nov 11 – Nov 15, 2022 the biggest event of the parliamentary dimension of the presidency of the Czech Republic in the EU will take place in the O2 Universum congress center.

One COSAC plenary meeting is held during each presidency in the current presidency state. The COSAC plenary approves conclusions and contributions on the issues discussed, usually related to the currently debated initiatives at the EU level, to priorities of the current presidency or to the regularly addressed issues of strengthening parliamentary control in European affairs and development of cooperation among national parliaments. The plenary is attended by up to six representatives for each EU national parliament and the European Parliament. It is also open to up to three members of candidate country parliaments and other guests as observers. The proposed conclusions and contribution of COSAC are adopted by consensus in principle. As opposed to the other existing inter-parliamentary platforms, if consensus cannot be reached, the Rules of Procedure of COSAC enable in very exceptional cases voting. A proposal is adopted if it wins support of three quarters of the votes cast. Each EU parliament (including the European Parliament) has two votes. At the same time, the majority must constitute at least half of all votes.

The COSAC plenary meeting is chaired jointly by chairpersons of the European committees of both chambers of the Parliament of the Czech Republic.

The program of the conference: