Czech parliament head praises UAE stance on war in Ukraine

Prague, Nov 24 – Markéta Pekarová Adamová, head of the lower house of Czech parliament, appreciated the stance of the United Arab Emirates on the war in Ukraine, she told during a press conference after meeting UAE Federal National Council President Saqr Ghobash in Prague. Ghobash said economy, the environment and security are the joint topics for the two countries.

M. Adamová appreciated that the UAE supported the vote in the United Nations Human Rights Council on the situation of human rights in Russia. She said the UAE also provided humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Adamová also praised the development of the cooperation between the United Arab Emirates and Israel.

The two countries established diplomatic relations in 2020. „Also thanks to mutual effort, the relations between the two countries are on the best level in the last few decades,“ Adamova said.

She said the UAE is one of Czechia’s closest partners in the Middle East.

As the turnover of the trading between the UAE and Czechia is up to 23 billion crowns a year, the UAE is the second biggest business partner of Czechia in the region, after Israel, Adamová said, adding that some 30 Czech firms and entrepreneurs are registered in the UAE.

She said mutual relations can be developed for example in crude oil deliveries and in renewable sources of energy. „I want to appreciate the effort in this field, either in support of science and research or in investments that are enormous,“ she said.

Adamová expressed support for the fact that the next global climate conference, COP 28, will take place in the UAE.

Ghobash said the UAE established several organisations and institutes focusing on the environment and invested a lot of money in this area.

Adamová visited the UAE in March when she took part in the Czech Day within the Expo 2020 world fair hosed by Dubai. She met Ghobash there then and they talked about energy self-sufficiency and securing stability on the world energy markets. In Dubai, she also opened a business forum that focused on Czech smart solutions concerning sustainable energy and clean mobility.