Special lower house session to deal with energy crisis convoked

Chamber of Deputies chairwoman Marketa Pekarova Adamova (TOP 09) today convoked a Chamber of Deputies urgent session to deal with tackling the energy crisis and skyrocketing prices, as requested by the opposition ANO, for August 26, her spokesman  has told journalists.

„The government must finally tell the people clearly how it will tackle the energy prices and the other price increase. We want to ask whether the government has some plan as it seems so far that no such plan exists,“ ANO deputy group head Alena Schillerova said.
There is no bill on the draft agenda of the urgent lower house session. MPs are to generally discuss „the government strategy for tackling the energy crisis, the price increase and the threat of rising unemployment.“

At least 40 deputies in the 200-seat Chamber must sign the proposal for convoking an urgent session. The ANO deputy group has 72 members and is the only group that does not need support from other ones to initiate a special session.

Pekarova Adamova is obliged to convoke the session within ten days.
However, the urgent session may not take place eventually if the Chamber of Deputies rejected its draft agenda by the majority that the government coalition parties command in it.
The government MPs did so so far in all cases of the opposition effort to hold an urgent session of the Chamber of Deputies, including one on energy prices. Despite that, space for a debate is opened before the vote on the session agenda, in which MPs with the preferential right may speak up.

At the end of next week, on August 26, the lower house will again deal with the government bill lowering health insurance payments for the state insured, pensioners, children, students, the unemployed and prisoners, that President Milos Zeman vetoed. The coalition majority is expected to outvote the veto.