Zelenskiy thanks Czechs, warns Russia would not stop in Ukraine

(15. 6. 2022 Prague)

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is only the first step the Russian leadership needs to open its way into other states, and a battle for the future of Europe is taking place in Ukraine, its President Volodymyr Zelenskiy told the two houses of Czech parliament in a video transmission today.
He thanked the Czech people and state for their warm acceptance of Ukrainian refugees.
He said that Czechia helped Kyiv with significant weapons when Ukraine needed it most urgently.
But you can be sure that in doing it, you also supported yourself, your own freedom and own life,“ he said.

The support should continue until the victory is reached, Zelenskiy said.

In his speech, he repeated the words „we are with you, be with us„, with which Czechoslovak Radio turned to the Czech public when the Soviet-led Warsaw Pact troops started invading Czechoslovakia in August 1968.
„Now that the people of Ukraine are fighting for their freedom against the cruel Russian invasion, we can say that it is these words with which we are turning to all nations of Europe and the democratic world,“ Zelenskiy said.

„Like in the past, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is only the first step the Russian leadership needs to open its path into other states, towards the subjugation of further nations,“ Zelenskiy said.
„The things have gone as far that they are officially threatening to cancel their recognition of the Baltic countries‘ independence, for instance,“ he said.
The Russian tanks, which attack Ukrainian towns, must be stopped and chased out of the territory of independent Ukraine so that they can never reach [Czechia’s] Prague, Brno, Plzen, Karlovy Vary or any other town in the continent,“ Zelenskiy continued.
„It is in Ukraine and it is now that a battle for the future of Europe is taking place,“ he said.

„Although in some states there are politicians who fear the prospect of the freedom’s victory and tyranny’s defeat, I think that there are no such politicians among your leaders, as Czech people know very well about various cases of what the results of compromises made towards tyrants are,“ Zelenskiy said.

He said Ukraine should receive enough effective weapons and financial aid in order to be able to achieve victory. He criticised the fact that Russia continues profiting from the sales of energies.

Since the February 24 start of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, Zelenskiy, seated in Kyiv, has delivered online addresses to parliaments of many countries, including the U.S., Britain, Germany, Israel, and also the European Parliament.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, in his video speech addressed to Czech parliament today, called for Ukraine to be granted the EU candidate status, said this would enhance the European community and reflect the European ideas and values, against which Russian units are fighting in Ukraine.
Ukraine applied for EU accession in March, shortly after the start of the Russian military aggression against it.
„To grant the candidate status means to prove that the European community is genuine, that European values are effective and are not mere empty words in a few documents,“ Zelenskiy told the Czech Senate and the Chamber of Deputies.
To say „yes“ to Ukraine, too, means defence in the war in Russia, he said.
Zelenskiy called for Czechia’s activity that should strive for the consensus of all European leaders on the approach to Ukraine.

EU countries recently tasked the European Commission to deal with the Ukrainian application and make its recommendation. For Ukraine to be given the candidate status, unanimous agreement of all EU members is required. The EU summit is to deal with the application on June 23-24.

Europe will face a number of challenges during Czechia’s six-month EU presidency starting as of July, Zelenskiy told Czech parliament today.
„We should agree on the seventh package of sanctions and build Ukraine,“ he said.

He appreciated it that Czech PM Petr Fiala (Civic Democrats, ODS) was among the first top politicians to have visited Ukraine after the February 24 start of the Russian invasion.
Also thanks to this, Zelenskiy believes that the Czech Republic will be among the leaders in the renewal of the Ukrainian economy and infrastructure. Czechia might take up the „auspices“ over the renewal of some of Ukraine’s regions or towns, he said.

"The Russian invasion of Ukraine is only the first step the Russian leadership needs to open its way into other states, and a battle for the future of Europe is taking place in Ukraine."
Volodymyr Zelenskiy, President of Ukraine, 15.6.2022 - live broadcast to both chambers of Czech parliament