About the Archives


The Archives of the Chamber of Deputies are specialised archives, historically building on the First-Republic and post-war Archives of the National Assembly as well as on the Archives of the Federal Assembly and the Archives of the Czech National Council. Although they have been operating under their current name since 1993, they have been managing sources since the establishment of Czechoslovakia in 1918 following the logic of continuity of their institutional predecessors.
All events in the development of our modern state can thus be observed through a parliamentary lens in their archival holdings, which also contain documents resulting from the activities of the First-Republic Senate – the current Senate has had its own archives since 1996.

The treasures of the Archives of the Chamber of Deputies consist of sixty archival collections, which together form approximately one kilometre of archival material. They comprise not only documents but also more than 15,000 historical photographs.
The typical archival material mainly includes documents from:

  • plenary sessions
  • committee and commission meetings
  • parliamentary prints
  • resolutions and interpellations
  • as well as, for example, the written agenda of the Speaker’s Secretariat
  • commissions of inquiry
  • the personal files of deputies
  • and materials related to parliamentary buildings

The extant evidence of parliamentary activity and existence further includes various artefacts, such as the historic bells used by the Speaker during plenary sessions, the pen utilised by the President-Elect of the Republic to sign the oath prescribed by the Constitution, and remarkable artistic and architectural elements which used to co-create the parliamentary environment and which it is desirable to preserve as witnesses to the past.


The foundation of the Czech Republic in 1918 and institution of the National Assembly as its legislative body gave rise to the establishment of the Archives of the National Assembly in the years 1918 – 1920.

It administered archival records from the very start of the National Assembly’s existence. From 1920 it also served the newly established second chamber of the Assembly, Senate. The occupation of the Czech ramp state and declaration of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia led to the dissolution of the National Assembly by the State President Emil Hácha on 21 March 1939. The existence of national archives therefore lost its essential purpose. Premises of the former Chamber of Deputies were disposed of by the territorial administration, their equipment lent out, employees dismissed or relocated to other offices. However, the Archives alongside with a reduced Chamber of Deputies’ Office continued to operate until its official dissolution ordered by the Acting Reich Protector on 26 June 1942. The archival material was handed to the Archives of the Ministry of Interior.

After the World War II:

The Archives renewed their activities soon after the country’s liberation. On 1 July 1945, the Office of the Chamber of Deputies requested the return of its archival records from the Ministry of Interior’s Archives and it was fully at the disposition to the members of the newly established Provisional National Assembly upon its first session on 28 October 1945. The Archives operated throughout the time of the Constitutional National Assembly (1946 – 1948) and National Assembly of the Czechoslovak Republic as of 1948. In 1954 it was integrated into the centralized system of the archives of outstanding importance. After the establishment of the Czechoslovak federal state in 1969 they became Archives of the Federal Assembly of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic and later in 1990 of the Czech and Slovak Federative Republic.

In 1968, an independent department of Archives of National Council was created as one of the legal predecessors of the current Archives.

After the dissolution of the Federation in 1993, the Archives operated under the newly established Office of Representative Assemblies administered by the Ministry of Finance.

From 1993 – after the establishment of the independent Czech Republic:

With the creation of the Czech Republic and Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic on 1 January 1993, the Archives of the National Council became the Archives of the Parliament of the Czech republic which later integrated also archives of the former Federal Assembly. They were primarily located at Sněmovní 4, partly remaining at the original address of Vinohradská 1. The current name of Archives of the Chamber of Deputies  dates from 1996 were the second chamber of the parliament was created.

It was labelled as specialised archives on 8 October 2007 by the decision of the Archiving Administration and Filing Service Department of the Ministry of Interior, decision n. AS-1564/1-2007.
The Archives forms a joint organisation unit with the Parliamentary Library of the Chamber of Deputies.