Guided tours

The Chamber of Deputies is open to all citizens of the Czech Republic, as well as to foreign visitors.
You can arrange a guided tour of the historical building of the Chamber of Deputies. During the excursion, visitors will be acquainted with the significance of the parliament in the Czech political system and with the history of the building. Guided tours are conducted on business days between 9 AM and 2:30 PM. The visiting group must have a minimum of eight members; we do not accommodate individuals.

Security information
Visitors are required to pass through a security check before entering the premises of the Chamber of Deputies. This is so that we can ensure that the Chamber of Deputies remains a safe place for those who work in and visit the parliament building.
Please have your identity document (identity card, passport) ready before entering the Chamber of Deputies. You and your belongings will then have to pass through a security control similar to at an airport. You will then receive a visitor’s badge which must be worn visibly throughout the entire time of your visit. This will enable you to move about the public areas of the Chamber of Deputies, but only when accompanied by somebody who works there.

The procedure for booking guided tours consists of 3 steps:

1. The preliminary reservation
The tour must be preliminarily booked at the Chamber of Deputies Visitor Centre in one of a number of ways:
– by telephone on +420 257 174 117
– by email sent to
– in person at the Visitor Centre located at Malostranské náměstí 6/18, Prague 1 – Malá Strana

2. A request for permission to take a tour
After receiving confirmation of the preliminary booking, the contact person fills in a “request for permission to take a tour” and submits it to the Visitor Centre using one of the aforementioned methods (email, in person).

3. Confirmation of the tour
The Visitor Centre will submits the “request for permission to take a tour” for approval and then confirm the time of the tour once it has been approved.

The Office of the Chamber of Deputies reserves the right to modify the usual tour route, especially if the Deputies are is session or another official event is taking place in the historical premises at the time.